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Certification Institutes

In our company, any existing or new aluminium system is assumed to be accompanied by the corresponding certificates of performance. Our multi-annual collaboration with internationally recognized institutes that meet the requirements of the global market gives us a unique competitive advantage. Thus, we can be sure that the final product improves end-user’s quality of life.
ift Rosenheim
ift Rosenheim was founded in 1966 by a team of scientists, engineers, and professionals in various fields of expertise. It is equipped by highly modern laboratories that offer a holistic vision for the construction of building elements and structures. The main activity of the institute is providing researches and certifications which satisfy the demands of the production industry of windows, facades, and doors, irrespective of the materials that are used to. The institute's certifications cover issues related to standards, research, accreditation as well as verification of the tests or calculations performed.

Passive House Institute

The Passive House Institute (PHI) is an independent research institute and can be described as the center of research and development of the passive home idea. Since 1996, when it was established, it maintains a collaborative character and assists in building certification according to the only internationally recognized energy performance standard.
The French Scientific and Technical Center for Building offers to stakeholders a wide range of testing and certifications of the manufacturing processes. The measurements are carried out in its 2,500 square meter laboratory, which includes three large test facilities and four support facilities. More particularly, the CSTB carries out tests to ensure that the production of the thermal insulated aluminium profiles (connection of the profiles with thermal break) is according to the appropriate procedures as defined by standards.

Istituto Giordano

An institute that does not restrict its operation to the obligatory field of European directions, but extends its activity by offering quality and performance measurements and certification under national law. In addition to its basic function, Istituto Giordano carries out research activities and takes over the design and training of the test system itself to the stakeholders. Its certificates are recognized and respected internationally.

The UBAtc is the only Belgian authority that offers technical approval for construction materials, products, systems, and installers. It provides not only national but also European technical certifications. As a result, it covers every requirement, since the European Technical Approvals (ETA) are strictly confined to the regulatory environment and European Directive 89/106 /EEC, and National Technical Approvals (ATG) are voluntary evaluations covering regulated and non- regulated characteristics, proofing the suitability for the intended use.


The British company provides services that fit into a range of tests and measurements to certify that the controlled products conform to a set of industry standards and regulations. Indicatively, specific studies covering the CWCT, PAS 24, Secured by Design and NHBC requirements can be reported. It is important to note that WINTECH cooperates and provides its services to companies producing curtain walls, glass panes, and window frames.

Headquartered in Central & North America, CLEB provides in-depth studies and certifications that fully meet the requirements and needs of industry companies. With offices and workshops in Montreal, Chicago, Quebec, Ottawa, Truro and New York, it has a strong presence and high credibility. Certified researches are conducted based on global standards verify the results of the testing and calculating procedures that are carried out.


For over 70 years, the Building Research Institute (ITB) has been conducting laboratory research for the construction industry and is managing the implementation and practical application of its results. With the official supervision of the Polish Ministry of Investments and Economic Development, it uses state-of-the-art research methodologies and specialized measurement equipment, supporting construction development both in the country and abroad.
ATI Intertek
Intertek, one of the world's leading providers of quality and security solutions for a wide range of industries worldwide, carried out the acquisition of Architectural Testing Inc. (ATI) in 2013. Till now, combines its credibility with the experience of a major testing and certification company in North America, and it approves system performance based on scientific measurements and criteria.

Element Materials Technology

Element Materials Technology is a global provider of Testing, Inspection and Certification services for a diverse range of materials and products in sectors where failure in service is not an option. The objective is to certify both the materials and the products for complying with all the relevant requirements and safety demands during their final application. Also, aims to prove that there are consistency and marketable quality, compliance with all the relevant industry standards and regulations, and finally materials and products are suitable for the intended purpose that is made for.

NTCL (National Certified Testing Laboratories) is a fully-recognized, independent testing and research laboratory for architectural and construction industries operating since 1977, accredited by ISO / IEC 17025. It is a fast-growing research center providing high-quality services in industry companies, due to its extensive experience and modern equipment.

Thomas Bell-Wright International

Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants is a specialized IT company based in Dubai. Since 1995 provides independent testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) primarily for the construction industry. It focuses on large commercial buildings and provides its services in order to ensure the successful building of architectural elements. At the same time, it ensures the quality and performance of building materials on issues related to fire and security risks.

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories is an NVLAP-acclaimed soundproof testing service founded by Wallace Clement Sabine in 1918. The current organization remains a highly respected source of independent processes regarding testing the soundproof specifications of a product. RAL specializes in STC (sound transmission loss by ASTM E90), NRC (sound absorption per ASTM C423), IIC (impact sound transmission by ASTM E492) and sound power test (ISO 6926).


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is one of the largest university institutes in Greece, was founded in 1925 and its main activity is in the field of education. Apart from this, AUTH “exploits” its technical knowledge and the specialized staff, in order to provide certifications and soundproof tests of aluminium systems.
MT Group
The MT group was established in 1980 and represents one of the largest testing and inspection companies serving the construction industry in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern regions. The tests performed in the company's modern laboratories are conducted in accordance with ASTM, AAMA, AASHTO, NVLAP or the Engineering Army. Indicatively, the services provided include laboratory services, building and geotechnical studies, inspection, QC management, and cooperative alliances. At the same time, MT provides results from researches on materials related to structural steel, reinforcing, concrete, masonry, asphalt, and soil. Also, special tests and inspections are carried out, including windows, mechanism, and wall.

National Technical University of Athens

Headquartered in Athens and founded in 1836, NTUA is the oldest technological university in Greece, contributing to the scientific, technical, social and economic development of the country. By providing soundproof and fire safety researches and certifications, it is linked to the market by offering a strong competitive advantage to companies in the aluminium industry.
Hellenic Defense Systems
The EAS group was established in 2004 as a result of a merging between the companies of the Greek state Hellenic Arms Industry (EBO) and PYRKAL. When it was created, it was the main weapon manufacturer with many factories and thousands of workers. It produces a range of products that include most types of weapons in use today globally and is distinguished for its intense export activity. Thanks to its specialized knowledge and experience, it develops a parallel action that satisfies the market's needs in certifications for the designation of aluminium systems as "bulletproof".