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Villa B


On a lush green and rocky hill, located in the city of Danilovgrad in Montenegro, there was the need to create a residence that its design would oppose the external environment, using materials that take inspiration by it.


Looking at the villa from the outside, the wooden flanks of the elevated ground floor attract the attention of the visitor. Walking below the wooden posts we see a garden table and parking lots, while heading to the interior we see the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.  Above the lower level there is a terrace with a wooden deck that constitutes an open gathering space and meeting point. 
On the upper level of the residence, wood gives its position to concrete. The cubic form of the first floor resurfaces through the forest and its straight, simple lines provide a shape that respectfully contradicts the complex environment. On the interior of the first floor, we find the bedrooms and some shared areas.  
The interior of the residence follows the designing philosophy of the façade. The simplicity is at the forefront and each space has a clear practical usage. It is worth mentioning that the villa has a plethora of windows - some of them with wide spans - and through the advanced aluminium systems the enhancement of the natural lighting and a sense of internal unity is achieved.

The vision of ANDU architects that designed Villa B, was to create a residence with clear architectural identity and minimal approach that could trigger a contrasting dialogue with the external environment of the forest. The outcome offers a harmonious construction that makes the living conditions functional and pleasing. 


Architects: ANDU architects

Project identity

500 sq.m
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