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Via Green


The architectural concept of the building concerns the dismantling of the façade and it’s penetration by nature, providing Via Green with a unique ecological character. Two separate building blocks are combined on the first floors and compose a unique space of offices, luxury restaurants and shops.


Through the minimum use of visible concrete and the use of curtain walls, the building succeeds in not dominating its surrounding area. The natural light flows unobstructed into the building, enhancing the growth of plants which are scattered on the façade, providing a breath of calmness to the anxiety of the capital city of Ankara. Simple and minimalistic form, followed by lines bent in the horizontal layout, which formulate the convexity of the building, remaining stable at the vertical level, emphasizing its robustness. The intense presence of flora at the surrounding area reveals the high ecological and technological standards that the building has ensured. Via Green is a live example of the absolute harmonization of contemporary architecture and energy efficiency requirements of sustainable development.


Project identity

45.000 sq. ft.
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