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The Four Walls


The original idea from the architect Nicolas Frantzeskos, which was applied to the design of this house, which is perched at the foot of Mount Hymettus, was the deconstruction of the classic rectangular square shape, with the four walls defining the living space, enclosing the everyday uses and functions of a residence.


The four walls have been placed parallel to each other, separating the uses (public, private) and the functions of the house. The ground morphology led to the development of the spaces on five levels which keep the visual contact with each other giving the feeling of unity. At level -2 there is a gym, a hammam, a home-cinema/live stage, and parking. The -1 level consists of the children's rooms, the kitchen, and the playroom. One level higher, on the ground floor, there is the dining room, the kitchen and the master suite and on the upper levels of +1 and +2 levels we meet the living room that offer an unobstructed view through a guillotine window, and all the auxiliary spaces. The west side of the building is protected by metal structures with bamboo louvers, giving a theatrical character to the façade of the building.

In order to keep the design philosophy of the project, thermally insulated of minimal design aluminium systems were installed, which are the ideal choice to cover large openings while at the same time they let the natural light penetrate to the interior, thanks to the less visible aluminium frames. Also, with the ability of corner constructions without fixed columns, there is a unique sense of freedom and direct contact with the external environment. Moreover, thanks to the wide electric guillotine, The Four Walls offers a terrific view of the Saronic Gulf and to the most part of Athens.


Architect: Nicolas Frantzeskos


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