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Secret Garden House


This modern summer house was going to be constructed on the southwest part of Paros, a beautiful Cycladic Island. The highest priority during the architectural plan was for the residence to be incorporated in the external environment. The main goal was the creation of a house that would be integrated into nature and not in contradiction with it. 


The boundaries of the plot are defined by an olive grove and some pine trees. Secret Garden House impresses with its smart and simple design. The architects of Scapearchitecture office emphasized the value of the building’s incorporation in the nature. Thus, when someone looks at Secret Garden House, it is easy to realize that it is submerged into the slope, creating a contemporary cave.  

The garden follows the colors of the natural landscape - without excesses- and a gravel pathway guides us through the low plants to the residence. Almost half of the house is integrated into the hillside, whereas the part that is not below the slope is covered by the rectangular shading pergola. Also, the wide-span glass panels, with the minimal sliding aluminium systems, attract the attention of the visitor and follow the philosophy of simplicity and comfort. 

Internally, the residence gives a sense of harmony. Secret Garden House, submerged in the slope, constitutes a sheltered retreat for the people that live inside. The kitchen, the dining-room and the living-room areas coexist in a unified space, while the wooden surfaces provide warmth and highlight the aesthetics of the interior. The 3 bedrooms of the house follow the same designing direction and offer relaxed moments to the residents. The magnificent wide window spans allow the unobstructed view and reinforce the natural lighting. In addition, the sliding of the frames into the wall emphasize the minimal elements and provide exceptional ventilation.  

Secret Garden House is a project that underlines the value of inclusion of the natural environment in the contemporary constructions. The combination of high-quality materials, the sustainable design and Cycladic scenery, offers a result of unparalleled aesthetics, elevating the whole living experience.  


Architects: Scapearchitecture 

Project identity

120 sq.m
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