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Samsung HQ


The architecture of the building is very simple and clear, with strict design lines placed on the vertical and horizontal axis. This simple design fully serves and highlights Samsung’s philosophy and mission through its headquarters in New Cairo, Egypt.


The surrounding area was not a restriction for the design of the building, as it is a developing area that still seeks its architectural character. The building consists of a composition of large rectangular white and light gray volumes of concrete. It does not seem to be another architectural challenge, but the whole building is a clear expression of the company's character that while developing high-end products, it fully adopts a minimal design. At first glance someone will wonder why there are so many wall openings in the building that are covered with large glass panes and less visible aluminium profile systems. Samsung is a company that promotes creativity and stands at the forefront of technology, so its employees are at the center of its mind and takes care in every way to offer them an environment full of inspiration and absolute productivity. Thus, the design of the building brings the unification of the internal with the external environment thanks to the large openings, aiming to keep the employees in a perfect, happy, and creative mood, without feeling any moment that they are in a hazy workplace. 

Project identity

New Cairo
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