Alumil United States
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Private Residence at Alimos


The natural landscape in the slopes of Alimos, dominated by blue and green shades, meets the austere design lines of white volumes. The intense color contrast provides this residential composition with its distinct character.  The house is developed in two levels orientating itself along the north-south axis in order to absorb the slope, allowing at the same time, the view to enter unobstructed inside the interior of the residence due to the large openings overlooking the sea. By covering them with glass surfaces encased by minimum visible aluminum profiles, a smooth unification of the internal and external environment is achieved, emphasizing, this way, the austere design character of the house. Bedrooms and bathrooms are located at the lowest level, where the compact and rigid volume of exposed concrete provides an increased sense of security. On the second and highest level, extrovert home functions, such as entry and dining areas, are shaped within a lighter form with finer cross-sections and smooth proportions with intense transparency and white shades. The interior design of the house consists of simple and flexible lines, resembling a "floating entity" into the space, producing a sense of effortless freedom.

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