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Autoritatea Naţională pentru Administrare şi Reglementare în Comunicaţii


The worker was the focal point and the main theme of the construction philosophy of the building in the center of Bucharest city. 


Situated at the connection of two main, busy streets, it integrates the dominant architectural character to its design lines, but, at the same time, it differs using dark gray tones and unique brick details in the characteristic tile color. The same gray tones are followed by the frames, forming a unified façade with less visible aluminium profiles allowing the natural light to get inside the building and create a pleasant visual interior to the employees. The same sense of freedom is achieved also by the unobstructed panoramic view to the east side of the city. It is not just another architectural intervention in the city center, but a real project which recalls that the workplace can be transformed and shaped into a pleasant environment that respects the culture and character of the region in which is located.

Architect: Sc Alpha Studio srl

Project identity

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