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Historical City Archive Novi Sad

The decision by the Municipality of Novi Sad, Serbia, to approve the creation of a building to house the city's Historical Archive set the tone for high-quality construction. 

An independent building with two connected parts was designed for the chosen plot of land.  It included the basement level, the corresponding ground floor, and two additional floors. The architectural office PRO ING d.o.o. took into account the project’s specific characteristics and designed the building, incorporating halls for researchers, a library, an exhibition hall, a conference room, rooms for paper processing, etc. The architectural vision was also perfectly served through the aluminium curtain wall system (structural type), which offers high energy efficiency, maximum functionality, and enhancement of natural light. Also, it is characterized by its minimal design, which gives a modern appearance to the building.  

The great challenge for the architects who undertook the project was to create a modern building in which excellent conditions would prevail for the proper and safe storage of valuable archival material.  

If you want to learn more about the SMARTIA M50 curtain wall system used in the Historical City Archive Novi Sad project, visit the product page.


Architect: PRO ING d.o.o.


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Novi Sad
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