Alumil United States
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In a building where the external environment is the key feature for the employees' performance, main priority was given on integrating it smoothly with the internal environment in order to provide a constant sense of freedom.


Large glass openings cover the building perimetrically and aluminium profiles express elegant and, at the same time, sophisticated architecture, corresponding to the prestige of the companies which are concentrated in the center. Minimal design of the systems, with less visible frames, keeps away the cold feeling of the metal and allows natural lighting to enter. White flat surfaces placed on the corners of the building provide a sense of rigidness, while at the same time, in certain areas they are projecting freely, creating architectural protrusions. The architectural character adopts elements from neighboring buildings, integrates into the wider environment, but retains a distinct identity. The surrounding area is covered with local flora offering space for the development of the building, remaining at the same time, the focal point of the project.

Project identity

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