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Bega Business Center


In the city center of Timisoara, the architectural project of Bega Business Center is the expression of the ideal workplace. High levels of aesthetics and minimal design come through geometric shapes, harmoniously combining glass and metal.


The linearity of the building clearly reflects its character and the purpose which was created for. The strict vertical lines meet on its facade are a feature of revealing its power and highlighting the height as a strong landscape of the city. Large surfaces covered with curtain walls make up the four sides of the building, allowing a panoramic view to the skyline. The architectural approach provides easy integration of the internal with the external environment and at the same time enhances the sense of freedom, a necessary characteristic for achieving high performance of any employee. Perimetrically, a unique and special building style looks like two hands which "embrace" the building. An obvious movement and activity pretend that something very important develops within itself.

Project identity

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