Walks at the West Entrance



ALUMIL, in collaboration with Thessaloniki Walking Tours and SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management, offered during the exhibition a tour program that transported participants to the past of the once prosperous area, while displaying its present along with its current problems, but also the prospects for the future of the west coast of Thessaloniki. 

The tour entitled "At the Western Entrance", reconnected the mosaic of an area with its rich past: from Villa Petridi, Sapfous str. and the area of the Baron Hirsch ghetto, to the Old Railway Station, Mylos, VILKA, FIX, the Water Museum and the “Psigio ton Gallon”, each place "narrated" its own story for each separate station of the route, shaping the unique identity of the western axis of the city. The tours were completed in the emblematic building of the Old Slaughterhouse, where participants had the opportunity to see the exhibition of architecture proposals of ArXellence 2, which emphatically expressed the need to transform the area and redesign it based on the principles of sustainable development and sustainability.

In addition to the above thematic tours, the last weekend of the Exhibition, Open House Thessaloniki, with the support of ALUMIL, organised the "Industrial Heritage Walk" in the wider area of the Old Slaughterhouse. The tours started at "Vilka" and ended in the courtyard of the Digital Transformation and Skills Center - Cisco, where visitors could admire and vote on proposals submitted by architecture offices from all around the world to ArXellence 2.