Public Vote



1st place:

Pier 7, by Form Society & Anastasia Tzaka

119 votes



2nd Place:

Memory of a City Past, by Boolean Union 

115 votes



3rd Place:

Wave West End, New central Business district, Thessaloniki Greece, by STUDIO KANKAN

105 votes



4th Place:

On the Watefront, by CURCIOarchitettura

102 votes

5th Place:

The Green Hub: A Resilient Vision for Thessaloniki, by Angeliki Tzifa & Sofia Nikolaidou

91 votes

6th Place:

Thessaloniki New Skyline, by Ramac

81 votes



7th Place:

Arching Light, Gravity, Porosity, by MP SPARCH Architects & THAT Design

30 votes

8th Place:

West City Gardens, by Georgios Tsakiridis, Antonios Papanastasiou, Maria Silena Patsalidou, Alexia Sofia Charisi

25 votes

9th Place:

A view of the Bay, a Glance at the Future, by Bura urbanism

25 votes

10th Place:

The White Slopes, by Diamantopoulou Maritina

22 votes