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ALUMIL offers a wide variety of systems for the partitioning of interior spaces, ideal for offices, meeting rooms, banquet halls, etc. Minimal design and effective separation of interior spaces with high levels of sound insulation and aesthetics. The five partitioning systems are available in standard and slim version, double or single glazed (P150 Urban) as well as in various typologies, providing complex applications and are compatible with glazed, aluminum and wood panels, etc.
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P100-7 P100
SMARTIA P100 is a classic interior partitioning system in straight and thin lines which offers ideal solutions for modern business premises and offices, meeting rooms and banqueting, and wherever partitioning is a matter of purpose and style.

P100 Slim

SMARTIA P100 Slim is a minimal aluminium-framed office partition with double glazing and excellent sound reduction. High aesthetics and a wide range of sturdy applications allow working conditions upgrade. 


SMARTIA P150 is an additional proposal for office partitions, which consists of single glass panels firmly fixed on a “multi-leveled” aluminium framework. Quite light and with small or larger frames, the series has a distinct “steel look”.

P200-DSC08079_1 P200
A rather distinguishing partitioning system with extremely elegant lines and high aesthetics. With structural or semi-structural sash options, it is a rather unique system specially designed to offer a series of advantages out of competition.
P200 Slim

SMARTIA P200 Slim is a structural partitioning system with minimum aluminium face width and large glass panels hanging on the concealed aluminum framework, at both sides. The series offers spaces centration, rich lighting and undoubtedly modern aesthetics.

covid-cafe-exterior P19 V-Blocker

Internal & external space partition against Coronavirus & other viral infections for safe operation and maximum business profit.

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