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Rasovic House


The building is located on slightly sloping terrain, opening a view of Fruška Gora national park. The southeast orientation of the outdoor terraces and the view of the natural environment provide a unique soothing ambiance. 

The main challenge for the architectural office Modelart Arhitekti was to use the existing foundation and the basement of an unfinished house. 


Above the existing basement, a large terrace was obtained, which is connected to the living area of the house, emphasizing the connection with the natural environment. This is due to the large glass surfaces that provide good illumination, views and a connection to the terraces. During the design process, one of the goals was to preserve the existing trees around the house. In this context, a part of the branch was cut from a nearby tree and turned into a hanging chandelier above the dining table. This is just one more design element that proves that the natural ambiance is successfully brought into the interior. 

Technical and auxiliary rooms are located towards the street, making the street façade simple and clean, without big openings and unnecessary details. The attic of the house is oriented on two sides: on one side towards nature and on the other side towards Novi Sad. Thus, in the same room, you can experience the contrast of both sides, utilizing the advantages of the location. The main goal was to obtain a strong connection with the natural environment, even inside the room. 


Architects: Modelart Arhitekti

* The source for the description above was Modelart Arhitekti office 

Project identity

250 sq.m
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