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Eden Roc Residence

Eden Roc Residence is a beacon of luxury living in the heart of Limassol, offering an unparalleled blend of sophistication, comfort, and top hospitality services. Situated just half a kilometre from the captivating seafront, Eden Roc adds an impressive touch to Limassol's urban landscape, beckoning those pursuing refined living standards.

At the heart of Eden Roc lies its meticulously designed infrastructure, enveloped by a lush, landscaped garden and reaching a maximum height of 8 floors. Drawing inspiration from the sleek lines of a superyacht, the building's distinctive design commands attention. Its sprawling horizontal layout, spanning over 300 linear meters, fosters a sense of warmth and familiarity, setting it apart from conventional vertical constructions.

Inside, Eden Roc's apartments exude minimalist elegance, characterised by clean lines and subtle luxury accents. Integrating ALUMIL's advanced aluminium systems seamlessly complements the building's aesthetics. The Lift & Slide SMARTIA S560 enhances structural robustness while maximising natural light ingress, while the hinged SMARTIA S67 offers superior insulation and water-tightness capabilities, culminating in a harmonious architectural ensemble. The thermally insulated COMFORT M3 also ensures resilience against formidable wind loads, further fortifying the structure.

Eden Roc Residence caters to its residents' discerning needs with an array of premium amenities, including a rejuvenating spa, an inviting outdoor pool, a heated indoor pool for year-round enjoyment, a well-equipped gym, and a dedicated playground area for children. Despite its imposing stature, Eden Roc exudes refined elegance, embodying a unique blend of contemporary design and international flair, setting a new standard for modern residential living.


Architects: UHA London

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