Alumil United Arab Emirates
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Al Noor Residential Tower


In one of the most central places of the city of Doha, in Qatar, an eccentric but also charming architectural project of 29 storeys was created in order to satisfy the housing needs of the owners. 



In a vertical creation of over 120 meters height, forming the shape of letter [X] with the same pattern following each storey, the building attempts to unite and "entangle" the glass element on the one side and the cement on the other. The large openings of the building provide unobstructed panoramic view to every point of the skyline, while allowing a penetration of the external to the internal environment, keeping out the undesirable and disturbing elements. Its intense angles clearly separate the building from the skyline and the natural environment. A truly imposing tower of apartments on the east coast of the Qatar peninsula and the Persian Gulf, is fully harmonized with its environment and the building philosophy of the area, providing a little more prestige to this small but significantly rich capital city of the more than four hundred thousand citizens.

Architect: James Cubitt & Partners 


Project identity

Al Wehda St.
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