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Olympia Tower


The construction of a multi-storey office building, in an overcrowded and demanding area of Bucharest, was a tough challenge. The complexity of the underground networks and the proximity to a fuel station added a higher level of difficulty regarding the final result.  


The architectural office PZP Architectura designed a tower that stands out with its modern, wavy, façade. However, the plot that was selected perplexed the situation, due to its restricted size in a densely crowded area.  

Externally, the tower adapts to the aesthetics of its urban environment, while bringing a strong sense of the contemporary, fast-paced city life. It is worth mentioning that the building forms a recess at the center of the construction, therefore if someone looks at it from afar, it seems to be separated in two identical towers.  

The large window frames are supported by an innovative curtain wall system, which combined with thermally insulated aluminium systems, brings a special character and high energy performance to the building. Furthermore, the design of the elevated ground floor is based on the element of transparency. Thus, the wide glass surfaces contribute to the smooth inclusion of the building to the external environment, providing  large spaces for shops. 

Olympia Tower covers all the needs of an office building of our times and it constitutes a unique designing proposal, in an area full of uninspiring older apartment blocks. The addition of the spectacular tower opens new roads for the future and at the same time becomes a “bridge” that connects the building with the urban past of the city. 

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14500 sq.m
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