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Green Coast Resort & Residences


The construction of a new resort comes always with a big question: what is new? The design of the Green Coast Resort & Residences seems like inviting the visitor to relax and enjoy unique and unforgettable moments of revitalization.


Built in one of the most magnificent areas of the Albanian Riviera, the Palasa, the Green Coast fits perfectly into the already captivating landscape. The numerous villas and apartments of the resort as well as its recreation areas are spread in more than 40 acres.
All Green Coast residences overlook the Ionian Sea in front of the facilities, while some also have a stunning mountain view. The houses have one to four rooms each, a courtyard with lawn, private swimming pool and parking space.
The minimal lines constitute the most characteristic element of the Green Coast villas, designed by the architectural firm Iraci Architetti. Here luxury is expressed through simplicity and comfort. Spacious rooms, high quality furniture and modern decor compose the interior of each residence. Their common feature is the unique natural light that is spread into the interior. Apart from the excellent position of the Green Coast, the lift & slide aluminum systems also contribute decisively to the enhanced natural lighting, while complementing the modern design of the houses. The exterior is surrounded by the well-kept courtyards and a deck that leads to the pool. Small trees delimit the space of each house and help the residents relax.
Green Coast Resort & Residences is one of the most impressive resorts in the Mediterranean region. The unmatched view, the modern facilities and the proximity to the sea and the mountain elevate the living experience for every visitor.

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