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Corporate Social Responsibility

The need to give back to the community reflects the philosophy based on which Alumil was founded.

We contribute to the development of our society through our activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a foundation element for the company and the Group , since our priority is the individual, his prosperity and progress , acting as a part of the community. With these foundations and ideological bases, ALUMIL offers its services in a wide range of functions to achieve these three goals (person, prosperity & progress).

So, in particular it should be mentioned that our social activity pre-existed, but only recently has acquired the name of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. A responsibility which we have eagerly undertaken and aim to further develop, like our personal ideological and ethical code demands.

By embedding actively the demands of social responsibility to our organizational function, we emphasize το the protection of the environment, the nullification of social exclusion, the policy of equal opportunities, as well as the preservation of relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation with the local communities, wherever we do business. Recognizing the responsibility that we have and keeping in mind the nature of our activities, we focus our interest, amongst other things, on protecting the environment, and acting according to health and safety standards. 

Following this perspective, the complete environmental plan ‘Green Alumil’ was designed, based on which we have implemented a series of actions, aiming to make the people more interested in the environment and the climate change. ‘Green Alumil’ joins hands with the environmental policy that our company follows, and has the goal to consist a substantial factor for “Green” development. 

So, firstly, we have planned a series of presentations (especially to high school students) of the Oscar winning documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the main ‘protagonist’ being the ex-vice president of the United States, Al Gore. The beginning of the program started with the presentation given in February of 2008, in Thessaloniki, for the students of the Anatolia College. Two more presentations followed for more than 500 high school students of Kilkis. These particular events took place in April of 2008 in the Conference Center of the municipality, with the generous support of the Department of Secondary Education of the municipality of Kilkis. 

In addition, in June of 2008, Alumil, in cooperation with Radio Thessaloniki and the municipality of Epanomi, organized a day of cleaning the beach of Epanomi. This particular action aimed not only to clean the beach, but to make the citizens of the wider area and the employees of ALUMIL more sensitive. This whole attempt was very successful, since the participation included volunteers, residents of Epanomi, and especially teenagers and young children, which are the future citizens of the town.

Significant recognition of the Alumil Group is the award that was given to the company, with the title of ‘Praise for the Innovation and Contribution for the Enhancement of Ecological Awareness’, in the context of the Competition of Ecological Industrial Innovation, which took place due to the 4th Business Forum of the 73rd International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, which was dedicated to the Environment (ECO-FORUM & ECO2 FORUM).

On daily base, the social offer of Alumil develops on multiple levels. We organize days of voluntary blood donations, actively support nonprofit and social organizations to practice socially beneficial actions ( ‘Child’s Smile’, Prevention of Substance Abuse of Kiklis ‘Nireas’, Cancer Patients Association of Macedonia -Thrace) and we contribute to the realization of cultural events.

Today, Alumil is a member of the Greek Network of Corporate Social Responsibility (EKE) of United Nations, a network of corporations in the form of a non-profit union. Its mission is the promotion of the meaning of SCR and its projection, both to the industrial world and the social environment, with a higher cause of balanced profit achievement and sustainable development.