• Automation systems

Automation systems

Specialization and high technology are the basic features of automation products provided by Alumil Automations. The advanced automatic drivers for sliding, opening, revolving, folding and curved doors as well as door closets are the main product range of Alumil Automation and the perfect solution in the sector of automations.

Technical Characteristics

  • Sliding doors
Slimdrive SL, SLT
Distinguished for its technological and aesthetic superiority
Has very small dimensions
Manufactured of high quality materials, which ensure the smooth and safe
Has diagnostic system failures, which notifies you in case of malfunction of the door
by sound signal
Has potential to become Self-supporting (no support infrastructure) and telescoping is applicable

It combines high quality and low price
It is an excellent solution that meets the technological and aesthetic standards
Provide quiet and fast motion
is it safe
easily mounted
Does not troubles the installer nor the user

For more information click here: EcDrive (pdf 500KB)

TSA 450
Ideal choice for gates of specific requirements (eg radiation protection for hospitals)
Has the potential to become Self-supporting (no support infrastructure)
Can move doors with sheets of 2x200 kg

  • Opening doors
TSA 160
Electro-hydraulic mechanism (oil operated at a pressure and in case of power failure, acts as a mechanism for resetting the door)
Ideal application for large, heavy doors

TSA 150
Electromechanical device (works with motor and reducer and in case power failure it operates like there is no mechanism)
Capable "aleretour" function
For interior doors

Small external dimensions
Electro-hydraulic mechanism with aesthetic excellence
For interior and exterior doors

  • Revolving Doors
Have the property of being "always open, always closed ', ensuring the minimum,
heat loss in the internal space
With the ability to import window in the center of the structure
This category includes models TSA 325 (TYP1, 2,3)
  • Arched Doors
In this category the models Slimdrive SC and Slimdrive SCR Ideal for special applications
  • Folding Doors
The model that belongs to this category is the Slimdrive SF
The doors are intended for situations where space is limited