Certifications Service for Alumil PV installers in cooperation with TUV Hellas

Certification of installers technical adequacy for the PV support basis works for domestic use (roof, flat roof) based on:


  • Equipment manufacturing and positioning standards and instructions ( technical catalogs, assembly instructions, etc).
  • International experience(best practices) in PV installation.
  • On-site inspection by TUV Hellas experts.
  • Special regular installers training.

Certifications/ Conditions

  • Installation in framework of a Special PV Systems Development.
  • Program on building(observance of urban planning restrictions, etc).
  • Successful initial inspection of three domestic PV installations within one year. Renewal of the certificate by inspecting one and only project, on an annual basis.
  • Permanent associate/installer of Alumil Solar.
  • Attendance of a special  training program.

Inspection at all manufacturing stages

  • Metal support basis seats on the roof / flat roof
  • Metal basis assembly
  • PV panel seat on the basis
  • In compliance with the detailed technical catalogs of Alumil Solar

Advantages of Certified Installators

  • Certification of installers technical adequacy which is a comparative advantage over competition
  • Quality and technical adequacy assurance of the investment offered to domestic customers
  • Integration in the list of certified Alumil Solar Associates
  • Promotion of our associate through targeted activities undertaken by Alumil Solar (i.e exhibitions, brochures, announcements, website, etc)