Preparation for CE standards

Training aluminium fabricators and preparing them for the CE marking
  • In Aluminium systems and in special use of aluminium
  • Continuous technical support and education of fabricators (also in Company owned Training Centers)
  • New training cycle: directives of cutting, assembling and use of elements based in the Technical Handbooks of Systems (essential process for the Transfer of Certificates)
  • Support through special consultants of aluminium to fabricators in order to obtain the Certified System of Production at CE
  • Implement and promote the ISO 9000 for aluminium fabricators
  • Company owned "Trial Chambers" for window frames testing characteristics of Initial Type Trial (ITT)
  • Able to certify aluminium fabricators final products as for air tightness and water permeability
  • Specialized personnel to advise and support fabricator on daily basis
  • Initial Trials Test in EKANAL certified by E.U. "Trial Chambers" for the ALUMIL fabricators and partners