Fabricator actions

Aluminium frame manufacturing companies (fabricators) should focus on the following points:
  • Have in stock and offer technical catalogs and booklets of system series
  • Maintain an updated showroom with samples of all aluminium systems
  • Well-educated employees with high level of professionalism
  • A detailed offer should include: name of the aluminium system series, producer's name, technical characteristics, name of accessories, type of glazing, delivery time, cost and way of payment. In addition, fabricators should present new developments and products such as shutters, insect nets and roles.
  • Service crew in charge of installations, should be well- trained professionals, polite, responsive to inquiries and offer high quality services.
  • Provide high level of after sales service

Contact with customers

First impressions and first contact experiences are crucial in commercial transactions.
Customers look for a welcoming smile, attention, analysis, accurate advices and short delivery dates. They need to feel confident and sure of their choices so as not to experience cognitive dissonance. Satisfied customers are likely to recommend us to others. Although the way of thinking and behavior are affected by personality and social status, customers are mostly interested in prices and longterm solutions that cover their needs. Remember, that the customer's final decision can be influenced by fabricators.
So, the first step for successful sales starts with the comprehension of customer needs. The fabricator must listen carefully to customers' questions and answer sincerely. It is significant to provide reference for benefits and reassure of the high quality status. After a sale is agreed upon, the next step is to deliver and conclude the installation on time and professionally.
Following the above is after sales services, which is one of the most important points in a company's growth. This is the way to show and prove sincere interest and differentiate your company from competition. Moreover, after sales services provides a great opportunity to learn of unnoticed imperfections or problems and act on them, thus increasing customer satisfaction and retain rate.
There is no "wrong timing" for communication with customers. Just dedicate certain hours per day or week either for phone calls or personal contacts.

The conclusion is: A satisfied customer is always the most powerful publicity.