Company Profile

With more than 30 years of experience and 1.900 employees, ALUMIL is one of the most advanced companies globally in the de sign and production of architectural aluminium systems, owning state-of-the art production lines in its 18 factories over South Eastern Eur ope. ALUMIL produces high quality aluminium systems which are designed and developed in the Group's innovative Research & Development Department and then tested and certified by internationally accredited certification institutes and laboratories, such as iſt Rosenheim (Germany), A.A.M.A (USA), Instituto Jordano (Italy), CSTB (France), ATG (Belgium) etc.

Advanced industrial facilities of high standards and a strong international sales network in over 60 countries worldwide, with 32 subsidiaries across the globe, in all continents, prove that ALUMIL is one o f the top suppliers of architectural aluminium systems that meet the highest requirements and cover a very wide range of architectural needs :
  • High aesthetical results in accordance with the latest architectural trends.
  • Energy efficiency through advanced thermal insulated aluminium systems and shading systems.
  • Environmental friendly energy production through integration of photovoltaic systems into building cells.
  • High security level against burglaries, vandalism, fire, smoke & earthquakes.
  • Protection even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Various solutions for people with disabilities.
Our mission is to offer our clients safe, functional and innovative products of high quality that improve living standards and that contribute to a sustainable development.

Industrial facilities
  • 11 aluminium extrusion lines
  • 8 powder coating lines
  • 3 sublimation lines (wood effect colors)
  • 1 foundry for billet production
  • 2 anodizing plants
  • 10 thermal break assembly lines
  • 1 production site for interior, entrance and security doors
  • 1 manufacturing plant for roll-formed aluminum-foam filled profiles
  • 1 production site for elevators
  • 4 manufacturing plants for system accessories 
  • 1 manufacturing plant for aluminum composite panels 
  • 1 manufacturing plant for polycarbonate sheets
Production capacity
  • 106.000 tons of aluminium extrusion
  • 57.500 tons of powder coating
  • 65.000 tons of billets
  • 10.000 tons of anodized aluminium
  • 45.000 tons of thermal broke profiles
  • 800.000 m2 aluminium composite panels 
  • 800.000 m2 polycarbonate sheets
  • 10.000.000 m polyamide profiles
Industrial facilities
  • 630.000 m2 own industrial real estate
  • 230.000 m2 manufacturing buildings
  • 18 factories (12 in Greece and 6 internationally)
  • 1.900 employees