Management Systems

ALUMIL applies in all its production units, not only control procedures of product quality, but also control procedures relating to the Environment, Health and Safety of Personnel.

Specifically it has established and implemented the following systems:
  • EN ISO 9001:2008 With the implementation of Quality Management System , the company management is committed to providing products and services that comply with legal and regulatory requirements and that meet customer requirements , with a view to their dedication to the company. The company was certified by the independent TUV HELLAS, member of TUV NORD Group of Germany to implement a Quality Management System according to the international standard ISO 9001 of 1994 version , the first time, in June 2000 , while in July 2009 certified according to the new , improved standard of ISO 9001 version 2008.
  • ISO 14001:2004/EN ISO 14001:2004

    To ensure the harmonious coexistence of its activities with the natural environment, ALUMIL has established and applies from mid-2002 at the factory in Kilkis, the certified Environmental Management System in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001:1996

    Thereby ensuring :

    • friendliness and compatibility of production processes towards the environment,
    • preventing and minimizing pollution
    • saving energy and natural resources,
    • consistent and continuous compliance with environmental legislation ,
    • continual improvement of its environmental performance
    • environmental awareness of staff, customers and suppliers
    In August 2005, ISO 14001 was re-certified to the version of 2004 by the above referenced certification body.
  • ELOT 1801:2008  The company operates on a certified Health and safety system in the workplace from the beginning of 2003, according to the Greek ELOT 1801 , which aims to continuously reduce risk in the workplace by testing all possible risks for health and safety, with the ultimate objective and aim being their gradual elimination. In early July of 2009, with the expiry of the certificate, ALUMIL proceeded to the new certification under the new version of the national standard ELOT 1801 of 2008 from the same certification body .

    The 'triptych' Quality, Environment, Health & Safety at Work are fundamental rules of Alumil S.A.
  • FPC – Factory Production Control DIN EN 15088:2006    

    Within creating dedicated customers , partners , consumers and the satisfaction of their demands, ALUMIL proceeded , as early as June 2008 , to the certification of production control of the Plant (Factory Production Control - FPC) extrusion lines and produced aluminum profiles according to the relevant European specifications and standards of the certification body GSI SLV ( Germany), which entitles the use of the CE marking in aluminum profiles for use in load-bearing structures. On 1 October 2010, the re- certification of the factory production control on this occasion was repeated by the German carrier also TUV NORD ( notified body ) and in accordance to the new, consistent for all countries of the European Union, based on the European standard EN 15088.
    Download the declaration of performance of the products according to the European Regulation 305/2011 in pdf format