Alumil United Arab Emirates
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Villas at Kos Island

On an island in the Aegean Sea, where exorbitance has no reason to exist, simplicity dominates and becomes the source of inspiration. Built according to the owner's activities and his aesthetic pursuits, the two villas express the simplicity of luxury and the joy of architecture as a sequence of spaces. A linear design approach composes a flat and smooth shape which is effortlessly integrated into the landscape, letting the building's lines disappear into the skyline. This character is strongly enhanced by the presence of the local flora at the perimeter of the houses, thus creating a fully functional courtyard, which is directly connected to the Greek culture and emphasizes the sense of freedom. A simple and easily recognizable geometry with high symmetrical features and flat vertical glass surfaces on the facade offer an unobstructed view of the sea and lets the natural light, the life force of every living being, enter the houses.

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