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Hiring process

When there is a job opening, prior to looking candidates from the market, we first examine whether these positions can be filled within the company. In this way, the best possible utilization of the employees is achieved, while creating great prospects for career development  for the employees.

Selection Process

All curriculum vitae are evaluated according to the requirements of each position and the Group's Recruitment Policy.

  • Upon appraisal,If a candidate's CV meets the job position's needs , he / she will be invited for a first interview with executives from the HR Department. For specific posts, candidates may also go through an additional evaluation process (assessment centers, preferences, skills, etc.).
  • If he / she has successfully completed the above stage, he / she will be invited to a second meeting with the direct supervisor of the position, assessing specific skills and knowledge relevant to the position.
  • After the completion of the interview process, each candidate receives information on the outcome of the results. Candidates who will not proceed to the next stage will be informed by email. Candidates with whom the company wishes to cooperate will receive a job offer letter, with the proposed terms of cooperation.
  • The new partner follows an integration program according to the Group's Training System.

All CVs are posted to ALUMIL's online CV for future use (according to the applicable provisions)

Privacy and Confidentiality

All the details of your application and resume are strictly confidential and are used solely to assess your qualifications for possible career prospects in ALUMIL. Only authorized ALUMIL employees have access to the candidate base. The above information is kept in our database for two years. If during this time there is a change in your resume or job preferences on ALUMIL, you should upload your CV again by ticking "Yes" in the field of the online form "I have submitted a curriculum vitae in the past ".

Compensation and Benefits System

ALUMIL's Compensation and Benefits System is part of the general management system of ALUMIL Group. It is designed and implemented in order to attract, motivate and retain employees who demonstrate the appropriate capabilities and behaviors. It leads to personal development for the employees and company's performance at the same time. Additionally, it is designed based on the latest trends in  Greece, but also in a global scope.

The main purpose of the system is to create:

Internal Balance

  • Justice
  • Fairness
  • Employee's satisfaction
  • Motivation
  • Recognition

 ...and at the same time to make ALUMIL competitive in order to attract the best ot the candidates.