Alumil Romania
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Bros I. Mavrides GP

  • 29th Thessaloniki-Moudania - Thessaloniki -
  • TEL: +30 23920 91000
  • MOB: +30 6979 221997
  • FAX: 23920 91393
A company with an established philosophy that differs

The PLASMA company with extensive experience in construction, manufacturing with high expertise and modern equipment, a wide range of products from aluminum and composite materials for many special and architectural changes. They implement ideas and projects in each of the frames sectors, with high quality, consistency, and craftsmanship.
Their factory unit is built in a private area with the most modern safety standards and the production line is divided into two separate sections, one for PVC material and one for aluminium material. Their company has the means and the manpower for the placement of their products.
Their production dynamics and the modern equipment of the facilities gives them the ability to undertake large projects, but also the desired results in a structure, based on the static and architectural study of each project.
Their company has KC and operates a certified system quality management according to the standard ISO 9001:2008