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ALUMIL Green Ambassadors: The Volunteer Team of our Employees

The employees of ALUMIL care for the environment and they take initiatives in order to protect and promote it.

Green Ambassadors is the “selected” employee volunteer team of ALUMIL, having as mission the protection of the environment and the awareness on sustainable development and behaviour issues. The team’s plan of action includes employee awareness campaigns, working environment upgrading aiming at a lower energy footprint, improvement activities in areas of the urban fabric, as well as seminars in collaboration with scientists or institutions of the ecology field.

13.000 litres of waste and recyclable

The team participated in cleaning actions in Epanomi and Doirani and collected 13.000 litres of waste and recyclable materials.

80% increase of team members

Since the forming of the team in 2020, the number of employees who became members increased by 80%.

480 saplings were planted

They participated in the Greek Eco Project action in Triadi Thessaloniki, in which 480 saplings were planted.

Our Action

Employee volunteering for green energy

Employee volunteering for green energy

Employees support the company’s strategy on environmental issues and in turn, they try harder for a cleaner planet. In 2020, the employee volunteer team ALUMIL Green Ambassadors, which takes initiatives in order to adopt sustainable practices and protect the natural wealth, was formed.
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We invest in renewable energy sources

We invest in renewable energy sources

In 2021, we installed 218 solar panels of a total power of 50kw in our offices in Efkarpia, Thessaloniki. This type of energy helps us reduce our carbon footprint (CO2) by approximately 35 tons per year.

In addition, from 2014, we have installed a solar power plant in the company’s foundry in Kilkis, saving 747 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
Circular economy and energy conservation

Circular economy and energy conservation

For more than a decade, we have taken actions that not only promote recycling (of raw material, water etc.) in our production process but also significantly contribute to the energy conservation as well as to the consolidation of a sustainable model, based on the sustainability principles.

The key goal of all these actions is to reduce energy consumption and produce “green” aluminium, which we are already achieving.


Christos Leventidis – Project Consultant

Christos Leventidis – Project Consultant

“As ALUMIL Green Ambassador, you have the opportunity to become part of the change that our planet needs. My participation in group actions led me to adopt environmentally friendly practices in my personal life as well."

Aliki Kapaiou – Employee Relations Consultant

Aliki Kapaiou – Employee Relations Consultant

"I am very happy to be a member of the ALUMIL volunteer team since I contribute to raising the awareness of our colleagues and our fellow human beings on environmental issues.”

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