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ALUSTYL, Papassavas Michael & Co.


The company ALUSTYL PAPASAVVAS PICHAIL & CO. was founded 30 years ago and has respectfully served the needs of its customers for aluminium and iron constructions. Today, ALUSTYL PAPASAVVAS PICHAIL & CO. boasts one of the largest aluminium and iron processing plants in the construction industry. The company is housed in a private building covering a total area of 2.500m2, with modern facilities. Our long experience in the field of aluminium and iron, in combination with our modern equipment and highly trained staff, guarantee the quality aesthetics, functionality, and durability of our frames.  To produce our quality products, we use special PC-based processing and cutting software, which refines our constructions. Our products are manufactured with suitable equipment of the company EMEGGI, such as:

Our professionalism, consistency and continuous improvement of the quality of our products guarantee the excellent quality of our constructions and a perfect solution to the problems of our customers. In our 30 years of active presence in the market, our primary goal has been to provide the fastest and most economical service to our customers. Besides, our best advertisement is our customers themselves. We treat each case as unique and build on this step by step, focusing on high quality and perfect result. We strive for continuous quality control and synchronization of our production technology. We do not simply execute the orders of our customers but, after the end of our works, we make sure to check the function of our products. Thanks to our long years of experience and the growing capabilities of our company, we have undertaken the rapid construction of large-scale projects with high-quality standards.

Our VISION is to create a company whose name will become synonymous with high quality, as a leader in metal structures. Those with high expectations know there is always a name synonymous with quality and elegance. In the case of aluminium and metal systems, this name is ALUSTYL. 

So, if you are after sure results from a reliable, experienced, strong and creative company in the metal construction industry, just drop by to meet us and make the most of our expertise.