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Vancouver House


Think of Vancouver House as a giant curtain, at the moment of being pulled back to reveal the world to Vancouver and Vancouver to the world. – Bjarke Ingels, Architect.

Located in the centre of the famous city of Canada, a futuristic building of 388 apartments, which will certainly be a landmark of Vancouver, will be established soon. The “curved” Vancouver House, is another world-class project, for which ALUMIL’s innovative architectural systems were chosen. This building is not just a high-rise building with apartments, but a work of art in which the "Gesamtkunstwerk" philosophy is being adopted, a holistic approach regarding architectural design. In terms of aesthetic value, it is the finest work of the international developer Westbank until now. Vancouver House is conceived and crafted as Canada’s first Super Prime real estate. The construction of Vancouver House -which includes plans to be the world’s first LEED Platinum high rise - commences this year and is slated for completion in 2018.


To produce a solution of windows that would present extremely high-performance standards in a most demanding weather conditions environment, by also providing highs standards of comfortability and living for the residences. The building aims in high-end residential clients with the highest quality expectations and expected to comply with LEED Platinum Design Standards. LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a rating system recognised as the mark of excellence for green building. LEED Platinum is the top standard for ensuring that people, planet, and profit are aligned to have the smallest environmental impact while also conserving precious natural resources.


Particularly, the systems which were selected for the apartments of the Vancouver House, are the advanced and highly insulated Lift & Slide system SUPREME S700 and the top performance casement window system SUPREME S77. These 2 Alumil Systems guaranteed the performance needed to comply with the project needs, by combining also the most minimal and architectural compelling aesthetics.

AQL 2,5 Quality Norm was followed for this specific project because of high-quality expectations and resulted in QA and QC performance of 98,5% mark

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136,779 sq. ft./ 12,707 sq. m.
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