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"Energy Efficiency 2021" Program

The new enhanced program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy aims to upgrade the energy efficiency of thousands of apartments, houses and residential buildings, subsidizing up to 75% of eligible interventions.

Are you ready for the transition to an "Energy Efficient Home"?

ALUMIL's certified thermally insulated frames minimize thermal losses and offer you energy savings of up to 50%. Choose hinged or sliding systems of high performance and top aesthetics, upgrading your home’s energy efficiency and quality of your life.

It is worth knowing: ALUMIL has a high level of expertise in the design of energy-efficient aluminium frames. It is the first Greek company to develop, as early as 2014, windows suitable for passive buildings, i.e. buildings with particularly high energy efficiency. The first project in which the innovative "passive" ALUMIL aluminium windows were installed was the Google headquarters in New York!

Everything you need to know about the “Energy Efficiency 2021” Program

We have compiled the program’s highlights through a series of questions and answers to inform and prepare you.

ALUMIL does NOT undertake the collection of the supporting documents, the preparation of the file and the submission of your application to the Program. For these procedures, you should contact specialized engineers and energy inspectors. On the website buildingcert. gr of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, you can search for an energy inspector or a company that provides these services by regional unit and municipality.

The main documents required for the submission of the application are:

  • Building permit or other legal documents (e.g. settlement of unauthorised buildings).
  • Electricity bill.
  • First Energy Performance Certificate (A' EPC).
  • Photographs of the property’s parts where interventions are proposed (at least 5 electronic files in .jpeg format).
  • Declaration of compliance of the applicant-owner with the De Minimis Regulation if the property is rented.
  • Tax statements (E1 - E2 - E9 - Tax statement).

More information on the documents required in special cases (e.g. if you are a tax resident abroad, have dependent children with disabilities or are a large family) can be found in the relevant annex of the Program's application guide here

Natural persons with a property right in rem (full ownership, usufruct, bare ownership) in an eligible residence, which must be valid up to the date of submission of the application, are eligible to participate in the Program. If there are several beneficiaries of rights in rem (co-owners) in an eligible dwelling, only the co-owner who owns the dwelling is eligible to participate in the Program. In the case of a free concession or rental of an eligible dwelling, any co-owner with full ownership or usufructuary interest (not fractional ownership) is eligible to participate in the Program. More information on the beneficiaries of the Program can be found here. 

Each natural person can submit only one application. Multiple applications by the same person are only allowed if the additional applications are part of a residential building application.

Eligible dwellings are individual apartments, houses and residential buildings that meet the following conditions:

  • They are legal.
  • They have not been deemed demolishable.
  • They are used as main residences.
  • They have been classified on the basis of the A' Energy Performance Certificate (A' EPC) in a category lower or equal to C.

 Please note that dwellings used for short term rentals and properties not used for residential purposes (e.g. a shop on the ground floor of a block of flats) are not eligible.

For applications for individual apartments, houses and apartments as part of a residential building application, the maximum grant rate is set as follows:


   Rate of grant
CategoryPersonal income in €Household Income €Home ownership by the applicantFree concession to another person / Rental
2>5.000-10.000>10.000 - 20.00070%60%
3>10.000 - 20.000>20.000 - 30.00055%45%
4>20.000 - 30.000>30.000 - 40.00045%40%


If the home is used by the applicant/owner, the grant rate is graduated by income category (40% to 75%). If the home is used by another tenant (free concession/rent), the grant rate ranges from 40% to 65%, again based on the income category of the applicant-owner.

In addition, the grant rate relates to the total eligible budget for interventions. For the remaining percentage, up to 100% of the eligible intervention budget, a loan with an interest rate subsidy may be granted upon request of the beneficiary.

Finally, it is noted that the cost of the two energy audits, the cost of the project consultant, the cost of the preparation of the Electronic Building Identity / Registered Property, as well as any other study costs are fully covered by the Program if the applicant's participation is approved.

Subsidy Bonus +10% for residential buildings:

If all the owners of the apartments in a block of flats join the subsidy program after applying for residential buildings (where both common areas and individual apartments are included), then a "bonus" subsidy of +10% is added to the application of each participating apartment.

The proposal of energy upgrade interventions should meet the minimum energy target of the application, upgrading each eligible dwelling by 3 energy categories in relation to its A' EPC (First Energy Performance Certificate) classification. See detailed targets in the table below:

Energy categories (classification)Eligible application with classification in the A' EPCMinimum energy target: Classification in the B' EPC

The interventions concern only the following categories:

  • Replacement of frames.
  • Installation or upgrade of external thermal insulation of walls or roof.
  • Upgrading an indoor heating or cooling system.
  • ZNX system using Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
  • Other savings interventions (smart home management devices and lighting upgrades for public spaces).

The criteria and their respective weighting for the prioritization of applications and the establishment of the ranking list are eight (8) in total and are as follows:

A/A Criterion Weighting of indicators

Negotiated energy saving cost

(resulting from the difference in consumption between the consumption under the A' EPC and the intended energy-saving scenario and the proposed cost of interventions)

Κ2 Individual or household income in € 14%
Κ3 Grade days
(depending on the climatic conditions of the area)
Κ4 Energy class according to A' EPC 5%
Κ5 Age of construction 3%
Κ6 Disabled persons
(the applicant, or spouse in the case of household income, is taken into account)
Κ7 Single-parent family 7%
Κ8 Multi-Child Parents
(a recent - within six months - Certificate of Family Status from the ASPE / Supreme Confederation of multi-child Parents of Greece and a recent certificate of marital status are required)
Total 100%


The grant rate refers to the total eligible budget for interventions. For the remaining percentage, up to 100% of the eligible intervention budget, a loan with an interest rate subsidy may be granted upon request of the beneficiary.

If you are looking for a solution that offers high performance, durability (over 30 years), a variety of colors, a wide range of designs and minimal maintenance needs, then aluminium frames are an excellent choice.

Modern aluminium frames incorporate leading heat and sound insulation technologies, as well as high levels of water and air tightness, offering a holistic solution for your space without compromising aesthetics. Compared to the more economical option of PVC frames, aluminium frames are subsidized by 50-60% more per square metre in the "Energy Efficiency 2021" Program, as shown in the table below:

Subsidy (€/m2) for aluminium & PVC frames / Shading Systems, based on thermal insulation indicator
Thermal insulation Uw [W/(m2 K)] Ι
2 ≤ Uw ˂ 3,2
Uw < 2,0
Aluminium frame with energy glass - Window 430 € / m2 500 € / m2
Aluminium frame with energy glazing - Balcony door 350 € / m2 400 € / m2
PVC frame with energy glass - Window 290 € / m2 310 € / m2
PVC frame with energy glazing - Balcony door 210 € / m2 280 € / m2
Outer protective sheet (Box - Roll system, or Cover) - mandatory option in combination with frame replacement 160 € / m2
Other fixed or mobile shading systems 40 € / m2

Through the My Windows online platform, you can request offers for your new frames from the ALUMIL partner network.

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You are interested in: A key criterion when choosing energy-efficient frames is checking the thermal insulation performance Uw, which indicates the level of thermal insulation of a window. The lower the value of Uw, the higher the thermal insulation the window offers. Based on this important criterion, we have selected for you some of our systems that are characterized by high energy performance (low Uw) and are excellent choices for your home under the "Energy Efficiency" program.
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