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White Bay Towers


White Bay Towers is one of the most impressive construction projects of Hadera city in Israel. Just 100m. from the coast, the huge pairs of building complexes of 23 and 24 floors each, unfold on the skyline. Someone could argue that they look like they have emerged from the ground.


The complex has in total of 365 luxurious apartments that follow modern architectural trends. All apartments incorporate a very sophisticated design, have large spaces, and offer unobstructed view to the Mediterranean Sea. A view that achieved thanks to the carefully placement of the buildings by the architectural office Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners Ltd with a clear orientation to the sea. Both the use of the white color palette on its façade and the numerous openings perfectly help to highlight the volume of the buildings, making them more attractive to the passers-by. The high performance aluminium curtain wall systems were selected to “seal” the three buildings, meeting all stability and safety specifications whilst assuring outstanding aesthetics by offering multiple design options. In addition, for their luxury rooms, a custom-made lift & slide system was specially designed in order to meet the requirements for unobstructed view to the sea. During the night, the light makes the buildings visible from any point of the city, keeping to the max the desired imposingness. 


Architects: Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners Ltd

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