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W Dubai - The Palm


The traditional meets the modern, the natural element is mixed with human interventions and order comes to cause disorder. 


All these contrasts are reflected on the imposing and original W Dubai – The Palm hotel complex. During the day, it stands out as a tranquil, almost serene place ideal for offering a coveted getaway from the frantic rhythms of the city while at the same time, when the night covers the city of the Emirates, it bridges two opposite worlds, not only because it is placed between the city and the sea, but also due to the fact that it hosts entrepreneurs, people who seek recreational activities and locals who wish to escape from their daily life through a lively getaway. With a capacity of 300 rooms and 45 suites, this architectural creation offers the hotel's guests unobstructed sea view thanks to its wavy layout, while green narrow spaces are created along the coastline. Finally, the functional facilities such as restaurants and retail stores are located on the ground floor, offering ease of access, while a unique restaurant and bar are at the highest level of the hotel providing a magnificent panoramic view.

Architect: RMJM

Project identity

United Arab Emirates
Dubai (Palm Jumeirah)
West Crescent Palm
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