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Triangle Student Halls


Someone could state that this project gets every single inspiration on its design by geometry. There is a constant combination of triangles. Scalene, isosceles, equilateral, acute, obtuse, right triangles are found in every detail of the University of Nicosia, undoubtedly aiming to indicate through the architectural design by the team of the ERACLIS PAPACHRISTOU Architects office, the order and perfect programming that follow the philosophy.


On the ground floor, the side of the main entrance is completely covered by curtain walls allowing the unification of the internal with the external environment. Thus, the reception welcomes by a smooth way the coming students and visitors. The color palette that used focuses on two opposing tones, the light natural color of the concrete that sometimes approaches and sometimes moves away from the pure white and the dark black color that appears in order to make a strong contrast, highlighting the desired by the architectural design details. The design lines are strict, clear and follow the minimal aesthetics. The rooms offer every functional need, while thanks to the sliding aluminium systems, they allow an unobstructed view of a natural landscape which could be many times a reason to calm and self-concentrate.


Architects: ERACLIS PAPACHRISTOU Architects

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