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Private House in Halandri, Athens


In Halandri region of Athens, in a quiet road, the challenge was to create a residence that blends harmoniously with the environment – the surrounding area has many buildings of different uses  – emphasizing to the element of privacy. This should be achieved by making good use of every square meter, as the open ground for construction was restricted. 


The focus of the architectural proposal designed by Afroditi Aslanidi was on the unification of the building with its exterior, in order to create a united construction that would stand out from the neighboring buildings. This vision becomes apparent when you look at the yard that is not only surrounding the house, but it plays a vital role in it. Also, the raised ground floor contributes to the easier access to the underground garage.  

Beginning from the basement, we can notice that the utility rooms (garage, laundry e.t.c.)  coexist with the elegant guestroom, utilizing every open space. Proceeding to the interior of the ground floor, we find the kitchen that is located in a way that makes it open to the dining room and at the same time keeps it merely “hidden” from the living room. The kitchen is minimal and the prevalent colors are in brown and grey shades. The wooden surfaces are perfectly mixed with the stainless-steel details, while a double sliding window above the kitchen countertop opens the sight line to the yard and allows natural light to enter unobstructed. 

When we go upstairs we pass from the middle floor with the glass guardrails that become the bridge between the two levels. The first floor follows the designing philosophy of the whole building and this is evident to the selected furniture. This floor houses the bedrooms, each of which is equipped with its own bathroom. Here, as it happens in the residence in general, the high-quality aluminium frames support the wide spans on the patio doors, enhancing the natural lighting, which in combination with the minimal architectural direction, gives an essential sense of class and elegance.  

Lastly, a unique and important area of this residence is the rooftop. This magnificent part with a view at the Filothei comes as the extension of the interior to the external environment. The rooftop is surrounded by trees, it has a swimming pool and its glass surfaces underline the openness and the connection with the other parts of the house.  

This spectacular residence in Athens, a project constructed by Domitech, has a distinctive identity  with strong elements of minimal architecture and a design that most of all promotes privacy. These values make the house remarkable for its spaces, the quality of its materials and the cautiously created minimal style. 


Architect: Afroditi Aslanidi

*The photos are taken by the photographer Louisa Nikolaidi.  

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