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Niche Hotel Athens


Niche Hotel Athens is located in one of the most crowded places in Athens and in close proximity to Acropolis Museum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Zappeion and the National Museum of Contemporary Arts. Thus, it is in the middle of a very important urban space, sending a message of cosmopolitanism and history. 

Between Syggrou and Vourvahi streets, the new 4-star hotel combines the architectural simplicity with modern aesthetics and urban lifestyle. The biggest challenge for the new design was the transformation of an old office building to a new hotel that would become a point of reference for every visitor of the city center. 


During the first phase of the building’s initial construction in 1958, the excavation brought to light archaeological artifacts and parts of the ancient Athenian wall. This fact gave the new architectural plan - conducted by Elastic Architects -  the opportunity to embrace the pieces of the past and integrate them to the fresh start of the construction. Outside the hotel we can see the ruins that are protected with reinforced glass, which was placed in order for the passers-by to have a clear view on the sidewalk. This is also present on the interior, as parts of the wall were put on open display at the basement. 

The spirit of connection between old and new elements seems to characterize the entire design of Niche Hotel. This is evident from the façade and its simplicity that reminds us the ancient Greek arcades, to the interior in which marble and wood create a balanced atmosphere of modesty and luxury.  

The 37 rooms that are available on the 7 floors of the hotel have city view and their openings allow the natural light to enter unobstructed. The lift & slide aluminium systems play a key role to this, as due to their design they enhance the natural lighting. These rooms are designed in such a way that seems to create special “nests”, like small independent spaces inside a bigger structure. Although the hotel is located in an area exposed to intense noise, the frames provide high sound insulation levels, keeping a calm and quiet environment in the interior. Lastly, arriving at the roof garden, the visitor has the chance to enjoy a spectacular view of Acropolis’ rock. 

Niche means recess in a wall, but it also means a suitable position. Niche Hotel Athens has managed to combine both definitions. The hotel pays tribute to the history of the building and the “niche” spirit in its design, while highlighting through all those elements that will help a visitor to find his place and feel comfortable during his/her stay. 


Architects: Elastic Architects 

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