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K House

Elegance and comfort are the two main elements of K House. The villa, located in the Senjak neighborhood of Belgrade, has been designed to offer high-quality living conditions to its residents.

STUDIO OBE, the architectural office of Jasna Kavran and Ksenija Pantović, paid attention to the external space and its connection with the building. The house is built in an L shape, enclosing the courtyard with the lawn. On the ground floor, the impressive bi-folding door and the minimal, sliding aluminium systems, with the wide window spans, blur the lines between exterior and interior. Thus, it is created a sense of freedom.

The upper level differentiates in color, as it features white masonry, contrary to the grey of the exposed concrete on the ground floor. In addition, there is also a difference regarding the type of aluminium systems used, as in this level were selected hinged systems. Inside the building, the common areas have been designed with the sense of unity. Furthermore, the natural lighting enters unobstructed and modern pieces of furniture complete the minimal aesthetics. 

If you would like to learn more about the hinged and sliding systems, as well as the bi-folding door system used in the K House project, you can visit the product pages SUPREME S77, SUPREME S650 Phos, and SUPREME SF85, respectively. 


Architects: STUDIO OBE

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