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A panoramic location at the foot of Mount Hymettus and seemingly a rock hinders any architectural intervention, this is the ideal choice for the next creation of the 314 Architecture Studio.


The design clearly demonstrates the influence of the Japanese art of folding paper Origami, as it combines simple and sharp corners with a minimalist character. The building "lightly" stands on the rock which in some points appears to penetrate the house and in others create stone plateaus. The 300m2 of the house is divided into four levels, with the upper level being located inside the roof and being the master suite. The living rooms and the other bedrooms are on the two intermediate levels, while on the lower level there are various auxiliary spaces and the parking lot. The view to the sea and the mountain, the indistinguishable boundaries between urban and outdoor life, as well as the climate of the area of Voula, allowed the development of a building with a very extroverted character. This is a characteristic that stands out from the large perimeter openings, which are protected by a system with movable aluminium curtains enhancing at the same time the bioclimatic character of the building. The advanced automation mechanisms that have been integrated into the aluminium systems, allow the proper sunlight passing and the necessary shading during the day according to the season. The minimal aesthetics of the exterior penetrates the interior. The white colour tone dominates while some intense colours of certain objects and furniture grab the attention.


Architects: 314 Architecture Studio

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