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Aquarel Health & Spa Center

A multifunctional center offering spa and wellness services is required to have all the modern amenities that will make it perfect at every level. Aquarel Health & Spa Center in Zalău, Romania, has been designed to offer the best possible experience to the visitors who choose it for relaxation. 
The building, designed by the architectural firm Simon Ciprian, covers a surface of 3.900 sq.m. and its services are divided into four levels. Its facilities are organized to fully meet various needs, from physiotherapy and rehabilitation to wellness, accommodation, café, and restaurant spaces.
Looking from the outside, the attention is drawn to the blue glass panels, which are interspersed with the other panels and give a special touch from an aesthetic point of view. The glazing of the building's façade is supported by an aluminium curtain wall system, which offers high energy efficiency and enhances natural lighting. At the same time, the needs for high performance in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation, and security are additionally covered by aluminium systems, distinguished both for the above characteristics and for their modern, minimal design. All these elements function together and complete the overall result in the best way, providing a sense of comfort and safety.

If you want to learn more about the hinged and sliding aluminium systems and the curtain wall system used in the Aquarel Health & Spa Center project, visit the product pages of SMARTIA S67, SUPREME S700, and SMARTIA M7, respectively. 


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