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Alex Hotel Kastella


The Boutique Hotel "The Alex" was reconstructed by taking the place of an 80's hotel on the hill of Kastella, aiming to be the new landmark of Piraeus, due to its unique panoramic view from Parnitha to the Saronic Gulf and the Athenian Riviera. 


The general philosophy of the architectural design was based on the creation of a comfort city hotel, which due to its location, had to create a design frame looking to the excellent sea view, but at the same time should be a part of the urban fabric. This philosophy was expressed through the interventions that took place both in the shell of the building and in the interior design of the common areas and the rooms. 

Guided by the view, each room is placed looking towards the sea keeping high privacy for its visitors at the same time. Large openings offer an unobstructed view, maintaining the architectural philosophy that combines metal with natural elements coming from the landscape such as earth and water. The façade adopts a plasticity coming from the sloping roofs and the walls. 

The logic of the frame is repeated in the design of the rooms. Τhe wooden floor and the oak desk bring balance to the hardness of the metal. The corridors of the hotel contrast with the warm atmosphere of the interior of the room as through monochrome options and linear directions in the lighting a space of minimal design is created. 

The whole building is dominated by materials, such as wood (oak) and metal, while all color shades of materials refer to earth tones, which give timelessness and a sense of calm. 

The common areas of the reception, with the all-day café on the ground floor and the restaurant on the rooftop, have a common design with wall coverings by vertical wooden slats, wooden furniture in the living rooms, and a floor covered by large dark tiles. Through "The Botanist" and "Nest" the hotel welcomes the visitor in spaces that maintain the character of the urban luxury of the hotel ensuring the visual continuity with the city. 


Architect: HHHArchitects

*The source for the description above was HHHArchitects

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