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180 Broadway Avenue


On a bustling New York boulevard, the architectural design of the building seeks to embrace the historical building elements of the area but with a contemporary approach. The typical earthly colored brick is placed in all the columns of the building, interrupted by tilting windows which provide the interior space with plenty of natural light.


The design of the building retains a minimal character and at the same time, its rectangular shape underlines the direction of the vertical axis. In such a big city that hosts some of the most popular brands, the ground floor with the visible - almost industrial style - aluminum profiles, highlights the commercial character and indirectly advertises their products, since the integration of the internal with the external environment offers passers-by unobstructed view of the shops. Even though the building is not particularly tall, it stands out proudly thanks to its high architectural and aesthetic character as well as it’s prominent position on Broadway avenue, grasping the attention of any passerby.

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New York
New York
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