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Educational Studies

This is our yearly course of study, for the people that want to enter aluminium field and follow the Aluminium Fabricator profession.
We have deep knowledge about the aluminium field facts, in accordance with our country and abroad. We recognize the opportunities, we detect the points that should be dealt with caution and we unlock the potential through the right training and learning process. Every interested person that wants to take a crucial decision for his/her career, should have access to all information. In ALUMIL we offer a thoroughly designed academic and professional training program, which is taught in our laboratories with the required equipment. 

Why study with us?

Aluminium is the second field with the most export activity in Greece. It opens many and various capabilities for a professional, through a wide range of operations. By completing your studies at ALUMIL Academy, you not only gain the necessary knowledge to build your career in the fabricating industry, but you also develop a connection with the job market. In a field that counts more than 1.000 aluminium frames fabricators, we have a broad network of partners, that you could use to find a job position.
List of achievement goals that show the high quality of services of Alumil Academy


Our courses are updated, accurate and especially designed to cover your needs. The learning process includes live lessons with specialized instructors, e-learning and videos. Apart from that, you also have access to our technical manuals. Get inspired and trust us to transform your vision to reality!

A member of Alumil Academy working on his computer providing specialized knowledge to young students of the Academy


One of the main benefits after your graduation from ALUMIL Academy, is that you will be specialized in the most advanced aluminium systems of our company. Due to this, you enhance your professional position and broaden the chances of your development in aluminium industry.

A student who has a star on his head, showing the knowledge and certification he has received leaving Alumil Academy


After the conclusion of your courses, your studies get high value for your employment in Greece and abroad. It is a special and significant asset for your future career.





Two people shaking hands while making a new business deal and showing a successful professional career



ALUMIL Academy offers direct connection to the job market. You could worl either as an exclusive partner of us, or you could begin your career next to ALUMIL's established partners, in Greece and abroad. So, you enter aluminium fabrication field based in the strong knowledge you gained in Academy.









How you will find us?

ALUMIL Academy is located to Efkarpia, Thessaloniki. You have access by car, using the Ring Road or Lagkada street and also you could reach the location via the National road of Thessaloniki-Kavala through Derveni region. In addition to this, you could use the bus, taking the line 38 from the Train Station in Monastiriou street and getting off in the terminal station in Efkarpia.

In exceptional cases of inability to use any means of transport, we can upon contact, pick you up