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Technical Training

Get the practical knowledge your team needs to fabricate and install ALUMIL products effectively.

Choose the Right Program

Every program is characterized by its affordability, flexibility, and customization so that it could be the best possible for your business and its needs. Your program could follow ALUMIL’s existing curriculum or it could be adjusted from our design specialists and trainers. ALUMIL training specialists will identify and evaluate your needs and create a training program that fits your company.


Customized Learning Process

At ALUMIL, we strongly believe in the uniqueness of each person. On this value, we have supported the entire curriculum of ALUMIL Academy, shaping the Personalized Training Process. Our initial concern is to identify the areas you want to focus on to receive precisely the knowledge you desire and develop your technical skills. In the Next steps, we suggest the topics that suit your needs and plan the program for your courses. Finally, we proceed to the educational process, which includes theoretical training and practical training in aluminum systems. All the steps have as their primary goal the individualization so that each trainee instructed what he needs to continue his path as he dreams.

In Your Own Pace, in Facilities of Your Choice

We bring the training to you, either at your facilities or at our own training center. By attending ALUMIL Academy classes, each trainee gains high-level experience and upgraded technical skills. The trainee gets in-depth knowledge of the features and specifications of ALUMIL’s products while training practically on the necessary mechanical equipment.

Client Premises

Training at your premises could significantly decrease the cost, especially if multiple trainees require to attend the same course so they could learn about the same product. The Academy trainer uses the equipment and materials provided by you, as it has been agreed before the start of the presentation, in order to conduct the course. The training is completed with the process of constructing and experimentally placing the aluminium systems.

On our Premises

Training takes place exclusively in ALUMIL Academy with the technical equipment we provide and  using the necessary models for the process. We aim to give detailed and complete theoretical and technical training to our partners. The available equipment helps the trainees to gain theoretical knowledge according to our systems and also gives them the opportunity to develop their technical skills on the construction and placement of the products.


Scheduled Seminars

Stand out with your knowledge and specialization that you get from our crash courses and seminars, choosing between the various ALUMIL product solutions. You have the opportunity to reach really fast the skillset and gain the knowledge you need, to construct and install our products the way we instruct to be fabricated for a quality result.

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