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Business Consulting

The world we live in is a changing and fast-paced place and companies should try to avoid staying behind. ALUMIL provides comprehensive consulting services to aluminum fabricators in order to achieve all the goals and objectives they have set.
Dynamic organizations can reach their potential with the right support. Every company needs consultants that they understand its field and could be helpful in its plan for growth. Our in-depth knowledge and culture make us the right fit for your most trusted advisor. We provide a combination of the following:
  • We detect the aspects of high importance for you and make it our top priority
  • We offer viable solutions for any issue, helping you to grow
  • We are agile and with high work ethic.
  • Our teams vary, allowing you to have different perspectives that could provide you a complete idea of a situation.


Why ALUMIL Consulting

ALUMIL Business Consulting was created to assist partners on their journey for evolution and excellence.

In addition to frequent interpersonal contact, we all work together


Apart from personal contact, we use many tools for communication, such as presentations, lectures, videos, e-books, webinars, reports and more.

We are creating a community of certified fabricators with ongoing benefits.


We are creating a unique community, in which certified partners could be members and enjoy several benefits.


We understand the needs of our partners and we are committed to their goals and growth.


How we help Partners

We work next to you, to achieve the best changes that are going to transform your business. We take an approach that is going to ensure that your company teams adopted our instructions, so that you will be stable and committed to the transformation, even when we will not be there. The ALUMIL Consulting stages are:
Magnifier that identifies the research process in the aluminum industry when someone chooses the consulting service


Company research through repeated contacts with experts from the counseling team

Documents indicating the analysis process of the fabrication company that receives the consulting services


We propose ways to resolve issues, aiming at the upgrade of your company.

An Alumil Academy consultant trains fabricators on how to improve processes of their company


We offer special and fast-paced training that ensures the practical application of techniques and we keep monitoring your company after the program, to check upon the changes and their incorporation to the business model.

A brain symbolizes the knowledge and certification provided by Alumil Academy to fabricators


As an add-on service, you could receive your Certification that would indicate that you completed the Training. Certification opens the door for our Additional Services, that you will be entitled to receive from us.


Additional Services

ALUMIL Academy Business Consulting offers you the chance to continue receiving our service, even after the end of its initial period. If you decide to certify your company, you could use the additional services below, in order to enhance every aspect of your activities.
Μακροπρόθεσμη Συμβουλευτική

Long Term Consultation

Through a special agreement for long term additional business consulting, we provide you additional advisory support when new needs appear.                                                                                        

Online εκπαίδευση

Online Training

You could learn on your own pace, so you and your team could go through our online platform and take the courses that you need, depending on your own goals.


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