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Alumil Academy

Knowledge is power. This is a phrase that encapsulates the vision and mission of the academy that is established by ALUMIL. 
Ακαδημία ALUMIL | Επαγγελματίες

What is it?

It is a school that is directed to all of our partners that aim to be better manufacturers, by providing quality products and services. But most of all, the Academy is a platform that spreads the message that company and partners have the same target: excellence and success.

ALUMIL Academy has also the intention to attract new partners into the ALUMIL family, who will understand the company culture and will be educated about our products.

What To Expect?

Alumil Academy provides knowledge to our students, in order to offer high-quality products to their customers. Also, the trainee gets Certification for the fulfillment of his/her studies. The educational process contains: 

  • Technical skills improvement
  • Deep learning of the characteristics and features of the products  
  • Practical use of the equipment 
  • High standards training
  • General understanding of the company culture

It is a personalized program that covers every participant’s needs. In order for the program to be formed, we followed the internationally recognized academic procedure, through the steps below:

Step 1: Student candidate description, according to his/her level of skills and knowledge.
Step 2: Description of the educational methods and activities and task assignment to the teaching staff
Step 3: Trainer-trainee evaluation and assessment of the educational process

Pillars of the ALUMIL Academy program

ALUMIL Academy is divided to 3 pillars. Each of these pillars covers different needs. Every category is designed to provide knowledge, experience, training, specialization and support for the participant and the sections in which he/she operates. Also, the 3 Academy pillars connect the trainees to the new trends on aluminium industry, offering high quality training with the prestige and credibility of ALUMIL.

Business Consulting

Our thoroughly designed consulting service, modernize the businesses, and help them to evolve and develop their operations.

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Technical Training

A specially designed service that provides our existing fabricators with the opportunity to receive training and broaden their knowledge.

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Instructor and fabricator student sit at a desk with the first one delivering a theoretical training course to the second one based on the Technical Training program

Vocational Education

This is our yearly course of study, for the people that want to enter aluminium field and follow the Aluminium Frames Fabricator profession.

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