Alumil Egypt
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life @ kilkis

Life @ Kilkis

Stavrochori Industrial area, Kilkis is Alumil’s Global Headquarters.

Culture and Work Environment

We have over 600 employees performing a wide range of roles that primarily support our Global operations for Alumil. Our primary functions are Production, Logistic, Quality control, IT, Finance, Supply Chain.

There are also lots of social events including the hiking, sightseeing in other cities, and many  activities outside of work, all of which are arranged by the HR Department. For those of you who like parties,  our two main events are not to be missed:  our Summer Party in August and our Christmas party. Check out the fantastic range of benefits available to our Kilkis staff here.

Perks and Benefits

ALUMIL offers a wide range of competitive benefits. We respect our employees, and we make sure to take great care of each member.

  • Earnings based on efficiency
  • Healthcare:  We offer a health insurance program that is right for you and your family
  • Funding individual training: We offer the opportunity to increase your knowledge, build your skills and take charge of your career
  • Corporate lending library: Never stop learning! We offer a variety of books to increase your knowledge
  • Employee's wedding gift:   Always a gift from the company, because your family becomes our family too
  • Time Off & Leave:  Flexible Vacation Policy that allows you to take time off  as needed including your Parental Leave, Short Term Disability Leave and more!
  • Corporate Blood Bank: the blood bank of our company is accessible not only to blood donors, but also to any individual in need
  • Corporate activities and events: Corporate events is all about having fun, building great relationships and saying a big fat “thank you” to your teammates for their hard work
  • Collaboration with other companies for privileged customer service our employees
  • Preferential pricing policy for all products
  • A modern working environment: Our offices are all open, with unique spaces to take private calls or meetings. Each area allows for collaboration with your colleagues. Coffee and tea? We got that too.
  • Opportunities to Travel:  Depending on your role and the projects you are working on, we offer the opportunity to travel to ALUMIL locations around the world, trade shows and industry events
  • Fully equipped kitchens:  Encourage our employees to connect with each other  socialize and have their breakfast and their lunch in comfort
  • Provision of transportation to/from Industrial Area in Kilkis
  • Nursery cost coverage