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Perrotis college (American agricultural school)


The American Farm School is an independent non-profit educational organization which was founded in 1904 at Thessaloniki, so as to cover the educational needs of the population in Greece and the Balkans. Faced with growing demand for higher education, the American Farm School established the “Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences” in 1995, through a donation of Mrs. Aliki Perroti, in memory of her husband, Dimitris Perrotis. Through the Perrotis College, students get ready to take leadership positions in the agri-food business administration, food technology, precision agriculture and conservation of natural resources.


In 2017 was held the grand opening of the new modern Educational Center, a project of the architectural office "Kouloukouris and Associates", which consists of three floors of 3,500 square meters and two parallel wings that are connected to a patio, including classrooms and study rooms, amphitheaters, laboratories and communal training facilities for 700 students.


Meeting the high standards of the advanced buildings, the innovative casement window system SUPREME S77 is an ideal solution, ensuring safety and very high energy efficiency. Moreover, the special window sill system COMFORT M8800 which was applied, provides a functional solution that can be adjusted perfectly to ALUMIL’s hinged systems. The curtain wall system SMARTIA M7 and the shading system SMARTIA M5600 provide a perfect balance between the building and the surrounding environment, taking advantage of natural light while reducing the energy footprint of the building.

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