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PARKLANE, a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa


Limassol is a city with a lively lifestyle and great tourist development. The big challenge was to create a resort that could cater to different types of people and meet their respective needs.


Parklane is a special hotel. This is a unique resort & spa that stands out on the coastal front of Limassol. On the external side of the hotel, the visitor is impressed by the exceptionally designed gardens, with the wide variety of beautiful flowers and the tall palm trees in an area of 100,000 square meters. There are all 3 large pools of the resort, surrounded by cabana houses, sunbeds and bar / restaurants.
The main building of the complex is an imposing construction that houses 222 luxurious rooms and 52 suites. Its design reminds us of the "aura" of the top international 5-star hotel units abroad. The lines of the building are straight and the white color of the facade blends perfectly with the blue of the sea and the green of the palm trees, offering an ideal image of relaxation.
In the interior, luxury and high quality characterize every aspect of Parklane. The comfortable common areas of the resort such as the lobby, the gym, the several restaurants, the spa and the ballrooms, receive rich natural light, through the robust curtain wall system that upgrades aesthetically the building and provides the required thermal insulation, enhancing its energy efficiency. As for the spectacular view, it greatly complements the overall accommodation experience for the visitors.

Parklane, a Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa, brings to Limassol all those elements that make a resort a significant landmark for a city. Combining luxury, ideal location and a wide range of amenities, this is a model for every modern resort.


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increase in the number of women at all hierarchical levels



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use of recycled aluminium in our annual production

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